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Digital Marketing

What are the benefits of Digital Marketing / Online Marketing ?

    97% of Australians are looking for information on their smartphones, laptops and desktops.


If you are a business or a non-profit organisation, digital marketing will improve your products/services placement, in other words your visibility. Digital Marketing is about communicating your products and services to a potential customer at the right place & time across electronical devices.


How do I improve my digital marketing? (4 essential points)


1. Design: Smart Website Design - Customer Oriented
2. Acquisition: Good online marketing with SEO and Google Adwords
3. Retention: Excellent Customer Retention Strategy
4. Opportunities: Real Analytics - understand your opportunities

1. Design: Smart Website Design - Customer Oriented

 "You need a smart website design, it can be simple but at least the layout has to be clear and your customers have to be only 1 or 2 clicks aways from their needs."


Mid 2015, We designed the following website for Petra Equipment:

We made a multi-categories navigation to find the specific kitchen equipment in 1 click:

If you are selling many products, you want to have a clear search bar and an intuitive navigation bar.


For an e-commerce, go straight to the point by having "the most searches products or brands" available on your homepage. Remember you have less than 9 seconds to pitch your offer. 


In term of graphic design & branding, you can always outsource a freelancer graphic designer or agency.


Top 10 Australian graphic designers & design agencies:

















Digital Marketing Agency DMS start with having a nice display = a good website, where you can show you company services and products.

2. Acquisition: Good online marketing with SEO and Google Adwords

The second most important aspect of your digital marketing is your SEO : " Search Engine Optimisation" in other words your ranking on Google. I am saying Google because more than 95% of Australians are using Google as their main search engine in 2014 and it is more likely not going to change much for at least the next 3 years.


SEO is not only about ranking your keywords on Search Engines. You want

real customers that are more likely going to buy your products right? SEO  

is divided in 4 tasks: Quality content, links (internal and external), meta-    

tags and getting higher reputation through Social Media and blogs.            


"SEO is all about finding the right keywords that fit your company, products and services and then to rank your website for thoses keywords with specific landing pages that are use friendly.


Through the years, I have seen many companies who had such a big gap between the keywords they are trying to rank and what they are offering. It is incredibly important to have a gap analysis on what you are planning to sell in the next few months and understand which keywords you want to rank on Google.


Another popular way to promote  your website is by promoting your website with Google Adwords.

Google Adwords : You pay Google everytime that a person click on your advertising, the price is often between $0.10 to $3 per customer. At Digital shop we know how to get the most customers more likely to buy for every dollar spent in Google Adwords. At Digital Marketing Shop, we

3. Retention: Excellent Customer Retention Strategy

How to create a retention program?


There are a lot of options such as rewards points, loyalty cards, vip members, coupons, discounts, birthday club ... and newsletters.


Today, let's focus on how to create a newsletters in 3 steps with MailChimp:


We need to select an online software from where to send our newsletters. We going to pick the most easy one to use : Mail Chimp. Mail Chimp is free to use if you have less than 2000 customers or potential clients in your database.  


Just Click here  to access to Mail Chimp website.


Step 1: you need to register. Follow all the step of registration and once it is done, your dashboard will look   like this:


























You will need to add your subscribers to MailChimp. 

Step 2: Click on List & then Create List









The easiest way to update your database is by importing an excel file.

For more information about how to get started with MailChimp, please visit this link: MailChimp Quick Set up


Step 3: Create a campagne and pick a template or design with html or Dreamweaver an outstanding email.


 - Make sure you get the right email design practice: Find out more about Email Design Ideas here.

 - Make sure you get the right title for your Newsletters.

 - And finally, make sure you can analyse and track the performance of your Newsletters.


SEO Example:


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