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How Do I Improve My Digital Marketing in 2020

Empires stand, empires fall. Biggest of companies have failed to forecast the future resulting in their downfalls. However, there are empires which have sustained the growth for decades and are still regarded as one of the most advanced companies to work with. What is the one factor which differentiates the best of the companies from the rest? Is it the quality of the company or the products they make? Most people will think that the answer is the quality of the products that they serve. Though not completely untrue, there is more to this. It is how well your customers know you!


No matter what the generation, it is always the demand that drives the market and to stay ahead of the competition, one needs to make sure that the market knows you well. And to create this impression in the minds of the customers, marketing plays a key role. The question is-what is marketing! If one needs to be explained in simple language of what exactly it is, the answer will be ‘prediction of demand and designing of ways to not only increase this demand in the minds of the consumers, but also creating avenues to fulfill these demands’.


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The best of companies have a part of their budget reserved for marketing-the activity used to make the customers aware of the brand and the company as a whole. Traditional marketing involved the use of radio, newspapers, hoardings, the displays at mom-n-pop stores, amongst other ways. However, with the advent of the digital revolution, these efforts seem to get less and less effective. The solution to this is to include digital marketing (marketing on the digital platform) as a key component in the marketing strategy. As more and more people are coming online, digital marketing provides an effective and a key channel in funneling the demand.

To stress on the point of how crucial digital marketing is, factor this- the chief marketing officers of the best of companies of the world have identified that digital marketing will account for 75% of the marketing spends in the next five years. Thus, to put the things into perspective, the writing on the wall is loud and clear. Digital marketing is absolutely crucial amongst all marketing efforts, and one needs to take proactive steps to improve it. The steps one can take to improve digital marketing can be:



  1. Creation of relevant and immersive content- With the immense competition out there in the market, just putting up the content and expecting that content to deliver the results would just be plain foolishness. The content, being the king, should be relevant and should be personalized such that more and more people are drawn to it. The ideal content should be such, that with least number of clicks, people find whatever they are searching for. Also, the content should not be very verbose, but simple and lucid and should cater to needs of most of the target audiences. As an example we recently designed Creative Dance website and the challenge was to display the professionalism of the dance classes.

  2. Go Social, Local and Mobile (SoLoMo) to improve customer acquisition- To make customers land on the desired website or app, they need to be acquired creatively. This is where acquisition plays an important role and is a very crucial step for the marketers in their efforts to grain traction and traffic to their websites and apps. To stay relevant, interactive content needs to be put up on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube and Vine, such that local and global searches are taken care of. People need to be lured and involved through these platforms, such that they try out the product that the content has on offer. Besides this, care should be taken that the content is optimized for the computers, tabs and the mobiles such that, across devices it gives an optimized search engine result.

  3. Multi channel strategy- Multichannel strategy implies, delivering content which is interwoven across all the platforms. If the content put up on the website and the one that is shared on Facebook, is different, and does not suggest the same message, prospective customers are going to get confused, often forcing them to move to the competitor. Hence, multi channel strategy is crucial in the scheme of digital marketing.

  4. Efficient engagement strategy- One needs to use web analytics solutions to gather, organize and analyze the data of those visiting the website/ apps to better understand the wants of the customers. This valuable data can then be transformed into information which the marketers can use to analyze the needs, wants and desires of the customers, creating a personalized experience for them and engaging them with the brand. As companies know more and more about the customers, they are able to serve them better, thus helping them give a positive and a delightful experience to the customers.

  5. Improve the retention rates for the customers- Acquisition of customers is crucial, but their retention is even more, because the cost of acquiring a new customer is three times that of retaining one. One needs to constantly study the behaviour of the customers and try to cater to their needs and tastes as much as possible. Scoring sheets need to be prepared with the help of technology and data. If need be, new strategies need to be drawn up so as to deliver an awesome and an unforgettable experience to the customer.


These are some of the ways in which the digital marketing can be improved. Ignorance to digital marketing can be harmful especially in today’s environment. To succeed, companies need to take proactive steps and do digital marketing in the right way.


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